About Right Click Radio

right click radio lady

Right Click Radio on RTE’s 2xm broadcasts every Wednesday at 21:00, with a repeat on Saturdays at 10:00.

The show is hosted by myself, Aoife Mc, and every week I’ll be bringing you my favourite hand-picked tracks being bigged up on the web.  The idea is to bring the radio audience just one step closer to the blogosphere and to point you in the direction of some of my favourite blogs and bloggers worldwide.

Expect all types of genres of music on this show.  My only criteria for the music I listen to is that it’s good. I’m looking for music that makes me happy: music that makes me forget I’m living through an economic recession, that I’m getting increasingly more wrinkley by the day, and that I’ll probably never learn to walk in heels.

On this blog, I will be posting a weekly playlist as well as a soundcloud stream of the show.  For realz!

Catch Right Click Radio and all the other programmes available on RTE’s Digital Radio on the RTE website, on your digital radio, or on UPC Chorus Channel 944.

If you get peckish while listening to the show, I also blog about food over on I Can Has Cook? Nom.

Should you need to contact me, give me a shout on aoifemcelwain [at] gmail [dot] com.


3 responses to “About Right Click Radio

  1. I’ve given up learning how to walk in heels and am concentrating my time on learning how to walk in flippers. It’s far more graceful.
    I’m so glad I can listen to you all the way over here in Laaaandaaan through the magic of the inter-web. Keep up the good work. xxx

  2. Hey Aoife! I seem to remember you vaguely caring about Three Tales a couple of years ago.. well.. Heliopause have an album out now and I think you’d like it a bit. Give us a shout and I can send you a copy. Or it’s on heliopause.bandcamp.com anyway.

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