Right Click Radio March 14

Tune in to RTE 2xm’s Right Click Radio – rounding up the best music from the blogosphere throughout the week – on Wednesdays at 2100 (with repeats at 10:00 on Saturdays) on-line, on digital, or on Chorus UPC Channel 944.And holla at us over on twitter!


1. Just Stay – Balam Acab

2. Got A Hold – 2:54

3. Der Microarc – Violens

4. Searching Through The Past – Bleached

5. She Was Out In The Water – One Little Plane

6. Tuck The Darkness In – Bowerbirds

7. Myth – Beach House

8. Nightcall – Kavinsky

9. Don’t Need Much – Magical Mistakes

10. Enchantruss – THEESatisfaction

11. Neptune – Lemonade

12. Hex Girlfriend – Neon Indian (Twin Shadow remix)

13. Please Forgive My Heart – Bobby Womack

14. Treten – Teen Daze 


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