Right Click Radio September 28th

Tune in to RTE 2xm’s Right Click Radio – rounding up the best music from the blogosphere throughout the week – on Wednesdays at 2100 (with repeats at 10:00 on Saturdays) on-line, on digital, or on Chorus UPC Channel 944.And holla at us over on twitter!


1. A Real Hero – College featuring Electric Youth (from the Drive soundtrack)

2. Hijóma pú – Samaris

3. Love – Daughter

4. Wood – ROSTAM

5. Green Aisles – Real Estate

6. Puts Me To Work – Cate Le Bon

7. The Valley Wind – Tyler Ramsey

8. Doing As I Do – The Beets

9. Cuckoo – Still Corners

10. Thankless Thing – Wild Beasts

11. Champagne Coast – Blood Orange

12. Legend In My Own Mind – The Stepkids

13. Hot Thought – White Denim

14. As Young As Yesterday – Korallreven


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