RTE 2XM in Belfast:RCR vs ATL

Last weekend, I travelled to the Digital Radio Conference in Belfast to do a live show on behalf of RTE 2xm.

It turned out to be a verbal duel of the state of the North vs South scenes, joined by Rigsy from BBC Ulster’s Across The Line.

In an M. Night Shyamalan style twist, Rigsy picked his favourite Southern bands while I picked my favourite Northern bands.  Hilarity (and a lot of great music) ensued.

RCR vs ATL Playlist: October 29th 2010

Yes Cadets Fashionista Art Party and Canada (live session on ATL)

Fight Like ApesHoo Ha Henry and Pull Off Your Arms and Let’s Play In Your Blood

Cashier no 942 West Avenue and Pity The Master

Live interview with Mike Edgar (original ATL presenter and all round Northern Irish music scene ledgebag)

Republic of LooseSatan Bounce

Straight Laces – Live version of Bagged and Brought

HalvesGrowing & Glow and live interview

Not SquaresAsylum

Cloud Castle Lake – Live interview and (first radio play ever of) A Wolf Howling

Girls’ Names Graveyard

James Vincent McMorrow – Live interview and Red Dust

ASIWYFAS Is For Salamander


One response to “RTE 2XM in Belfast:RCR vs ATL

  1. Listened to this a while back but forgot to comment – love, love, love it Aoife! Cracking tunes and banter 🙂

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