Right Click Radio 18th August

Adebisi Shank on RCR who will launch their second album This Is The Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank in Whelan’s of Dublin on Friday the 20th August

Tune in to RTE 2xm’s Right Click Radio – rounding up the best music from the blogosphere throughout the week – on Wednesdays at 2100 (with repeats at 10:00 on Saturdays) on-line, on digital, or on Chorus UPC Channel 944. And holla at us over on twitter!

PLAYLIST August 18th

1. Pogo – Eternal Summers – as found on Side One Track One

2. Mary – Yellow Ostrich – as found on Friends With Both Arms

3. You Won’t need Me Where I’m Goin’ – How To Dress Well – as  found on Potholes In My Blog

4. Glitter – No Age – as  found on Faronheit

5. Running – My Friend Wallis – as found on Clumsy ‘n’ Shy

6. Wind-Up Bird – Invisible Elephant – as found on Sunset In The Rear View

7. Lover of Mine – Beach House (Roman Ruines remix) – as found on Gorilla vs Bear

8. Little People (Black City) – Matthew Dear – as found on Off The Radar Music

9. Cheaters – Teengirl Fantasy – as found on The New Gay

10. Moon Crooner – Egyptian Hip Hop – as found on Nialler9

11. International Dreambeat – Adebisi Shank – as found on Nialler9

12. Don’t Turn The lights On – Chromeo (Aeroplane remix) – as found on Circle Square Triangle

13. Heartbreaker – MSTRKRFT featuring John Legendas found on Indie Shuffle


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