Right Click Radio: May 19th

Best Coast on Right Click Radio

Tune in to RTE 2xm’s Right Click Radio – rounding up the best music from the blogosphere throughout the week – on Wednesdays at 2100 (with repeats at 10:00 on Saturdays) on-line, on digital, or on Chorus UPC Channel 944. And holla at us over on twitter!

I’ll also be uploading each week’s show to SoundCloud, where you’ll be able to stream the show, in case you miss it live.  Check out this week’s show at the bottom of this post.  Whoop!


1. My House – Gangliansas found on Rose Quartz

2. Infinity Guitars – Sleigh Bellsas found on Licorice-Pizza

3. Honey Trap – We Have Bandas found on Indie Rock Cafe

4. FranklinMale Bonding as found on Wheel Still Spin

5. Whiplash – Sunglassesas found on Pasta Primavera

6. The Worse It Gets – Penguin Prison (Shook Remix) – as found on Cause Equals Time

7. Your Hnads (Together) – The New Pornographersas found on Pop Headwound

8. Far Away – Best Coastas found on Stereogum

9. Johnny Utah – Futurebirdsas found on Sonic Itch Music

10. Travellin’ Girl – The Bittersas found on Gorilla vs Bear

11. Faded High – Gayngsas found on Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

12. Remember – Lali Punaas found on Daily Beatz

13. Mouthful of Diamonds – Phantogram (Alan Wilkis’ remix) – as found on The Music Wins

14. Truth – Chiddy Bang featuring Passion Pitas found on Trash Bags Kids

15. Cloudy Shoes – Damien Juradoas found on Their Bated Breath


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