Right Click Radio Playlist 6th January

A New Year and lots of new songs to be getting through.  This week’s show focused on some of the more exciting releases to expect in the next month, as well as some of the Hopes for 2010.

Tune in to RTE 2XM’s Right Click Radio on Wednesday at 1700 (repeats on Friday at  1200) on-line, on digital or on Chorus NTL Channel 944.


1. Hand of God – Jason Boeselas found on Eldur Og Is

2. Zorbing – Stornowayas found on You Are The Music

3. July Flame – Laura Veirsas found on I Guess I’m Floating

4. Bee Xlaura – Kria Brekkanas found on Gorilla Vs Bear

5. Lewis Takes Action – Final Fantasyas found on Domino Records

6. Slowest Motion Miracle – Anders Pondersas found on Music for Robots

7. Love Cry – Four Tetas found on The Bay Bridge

8. Zoo – My Little Airportas found on Spin Earth

9. Immaterial – LoneLadyas found on LoneLady

10. Floating Vibes – Surfer Bloodas found on Raised On Indie

11. I Felt  Stupid – The Drumsas found on Chipped Hip

12. Pleasant Experience – Small Blackas found on Some Velvet Blog dot blogspot

13. Forest Green Oh Forest Green – Holly Mirandaas found on On The Record

14. Baby Don’t Go – Dum Dum Girlsas found on Merry Swankster


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