Right Click Radio Playlist 28th October: CMJ special

chelsea_RC header

Aoife Mc taking a break from recording the links for the show in The Chelsea Hotel

I spent the last week in New York City at the CMJ Music Marathon Festival, venue hopping around Manhattan and Brooklyn as a deliriously happy musical tourist.  So much fun.

CMJ is a four day industry-focused music festival which took place in various venues around NYC from Tuesday the 20th of October right through til Saturday the 24th of October.

As well as watching bands at the millions of blog parties that were taking place over the four day festival, I caught the Irish showcase, put on by Music From Ireland. The bands representing were The Minutes, The Star Department, We Should Be Dead, Dark Room Notes, Valerie Francis, Super Extra Bonus Party, and Subplots.  The showcase was held in The Bowery Poetry Club on the Thursday of CMJ and  I managed to squeeze in interviews with Super Extra Bonus Party and Subplots.

This show was a CMJ special, and featured some of the tops bands I caught while at the festival, as well as some that I didn’t manage to catch but other NY based blogs did and consequently bigged them up on their blogs.

I pre-recorded the show in The Chelsea Hotel where I was staying, hence the photo above.  What a great place.


1. Thunderbird – The Golden Filterplayed Stereogum’s CMJ Party

2. Ring Ring – Sleigh Bellsas hyped up on Sheena Beaston post CMJ

3. The Walls Are Coming Down – Fanfarlowho played The Music Slut’s CMJ Party

4. Give BloodRain Machineplayed the Fader Magazine CMJ Party

5. Records of a Flagpole SkaterSurf Cityplayed the Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Party

6. Light Powered – Deastroplayed the Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Party

7. Africadabra – Javelinplayed the Music Slut’s CMJ Party

*Interview with Super Extra Bonus Party*

8. Who Are You And What Do You Want – Super Extra Bonus Party feat RSAGplayed the Music From Ireland showcase

*Interview with Subplots*

9. Anchors & Kites – Subplotsplayed the Music From Ireland showcase

10. Punches – Valerie Francisplayed the Music From Ireland showcase

11. Andrew – Crystal Antlers – played the Vice Magazine’s CMJ Party

12. Fantastic ValleysMidnight Juggernautsplayed The Hype Machine’s CMJ Party

13. Enjoy The Sun – Theophilus Londonplayed at the Green Label Sound CMJ Party

14. Postcards from Italy – Beirut (Florence & The Machine cover) – Florence played the Fader Magazine Party

Don’t forget to tune in next week on Wednesday at 1700 on-line, on digital or on Chorus UPC Channel 944 for more great tracks found on the blogosphere.  If you miss Right Click Radio on Wednesday, you can always tune in for the  repeat show on Fridays at 1200.  See you then.


3 responses to “Right Click Radio Playlist 28th October: CMJ special

  1. I’m overjoyed to hear your voice on the radio Aoife! Wonderful

  2. Pingback: Introducing: Sleigh Bells

  3. Aww Eddie! Cheers! Thanks for tuning in.

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